George and Jeb Bush: Unfair Election in Florida

If you read the Liberal press, like The Nation magazine, they point out that the Florida governor Jeb Bush passed a law not allowing felons who served their time in other states, to register to vote in Florida. So any felons moving to Florida who went to register to vote for the presidential election were denied their voting priviledges. This incensed a lot of voters, because THERE IS NO FEDERAL MANDATE FOR SUCH A LAW that requires A GOV. to "doubly pardon" a felon from ANOTHER STATE if they have already served their time in that other state. This law of Jeb's was unconstitutional, and denied a lot of people their right to vote. One Black felon who'd served time in prison in another state ten years before, and who was now a minister and helping poor people was incensed at his voting priviledges being denied him in last year's election.

Furthermore, Jeb hired out the job of producing a list of ineligible voters to a company run and owned by staunch Republicans, and their list contained thousands of people who WERE NOT FELONS and who TRIED TO VOTE only to be turned away at the poles as "felons." Jeb even put up barricades at Black polling places and police to move those folks along even after they complained about being denied their voting privileges. Tens of thousands were denied their right to vote. Including a majority of Blacks.

Jeb also abolished affirmative action in Florida during his governance there.

There is a pattern of denying Black and Hispanic felons, and Black and Hispanic citizens (incorrectly listed as felons on the ineligible voter lists), and of abolishing affirmative action. That pattern was, according to the liberals, old Jim Crow injustice (from the post Civil War era) rearing its ugly head again. Why? Because those minorities are predominantly DEMOCRATIC.

That's what the liberal press says. I don't know enough about it myself. Though we all DO know that Pat Buchanan did not get ten thousand ballots in the predominantly Jewish county with the butterfly ballot. What's sad about the butterfly ballot case is that it's so easy to spot that a MAJOR flaw has occurred.

A major injustice in counting people's true votes in other words. If you compare the votes Pat got in all other Florida counties, even the most conservative and reactionary ones, you can see a HUGE spike for Pat in the ballot count of the one county with the huge elderly Jewish population that used the butterfly ballot. That's _ten thousand_ votes right there. And Gore only needed a couple hundred.

When you add up all of the above, it's clear that we have a fraud for a president. A man who cannot accept the real majority of the people's will along with the popular vote that Gore won. A man of integrity would not have accepted the results of such an ILL-ection, and certainly would not have pushed for such a speedy victory when he was ahead only a few hundred votes in a state of millions of voters. In my opinion Bush is not the president elect, and is just as dishonorable as every other scoundrel in Washington whom he portrays himself as being "above."

Lastly, Robert Anton Wilson points out that BOTH candidates received an equal 500,000 dollars in campaign funding from over 50 Fortune 500 companies. Our presidential contenders were both frauds so far as the people's will was concerned.

This guy is the famous investigative reporter who uncovered the Florida voting conspiracy.

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