Alpha Male: Planet of the Apes, Bush, Limbaugh et al


I just don't understand why the Libs can't find a radio audience. A big one. Is Rush that much more entertaining than Al Franken?

ANSWER: The difference is not that Rush is more entertaining, but because it's still basically a planet of the apes:
See Bush-Ape Pics

Many people are attracted instinctively to others who sound like "solid" alpha male primate pack leaders. (Consider the tons of good women who make bad choices, attracted to alpha male "bad boys.")

Speaking of people's desire for "solidity," the ancient Hebrews prized the notion of a "firm" foundation below their feet and a "firm" sky above them, keeping at bay the cosmic waters of chaos (that they assumed lay both beneath the earth and above the sky).

The majority of folks crave certainty and solidity.

That's also why soldiers march in formation with such solid pounding footsteps.

Sure, satire is capable of puncturing windbags like Limbaugh, but it takes more mental concentration to appreciate satire than it does to rally round a commanding voice that speaks shortly, exuding certainty, labeling one's enemies over and over again with a sneer, until you find yourself repeating along, mindlessly, hypnotically, "These Liba-ralls..." "These Fem-i-nazis..." "The Holy Buy-Bull says..." "The Great Satan must be destroyed..." etc.

Which is why I worry about humanity's "fascistic communistic Christian Muslim" tendencies.

Lastly, keep in mind that Al Franken's radio show is just getting started and there have been liberals who attracted large audiences and numbers of readers, namely, Ingersoll, Mark Twain, H. L. Mencken, and Will Rogers.


The Supreme Court of Tennessee has just ruled [this was during the 1920s] that you other states can come from whoever or whatever you want to, but they want it on record that they come from mud only!

I don’t know why some of these states want to have their ancestry established by law. There must be some suspicion of doubt somewhere.

William Jennings Bryan tried to prove that we did not descend from the monkey, but he unfortunately picked a time in our history when the actions of the American people proved that we did.

Some people certainly are making a fight against the ape. It seems the truth kinder hurts. Now, if a man didn’t act like a monkey, he wouldn’t have to be proving that he didn’t come from one. Personally I like monkeys. If we were half as original as they are, we would never be suspected of coming from something else. They never accuse monkeys of coming from anybody else.

You hang an ape and a political ancestry over me, and you will see me taking it into the Supreme Court, to prove that the ape part is O.K., but that the political end is base libel.

If a man is a gentleman, he don’t have to announce it; all he has to do is to act like one and let the world decide. No man should have to prove in court what he is, or what he come from. As far as Scopes teaching children evolution, nobody is going to change the belief of Tennessee children as to their ancestry. It is from the actions of their parents that they will form their opinions.

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